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Rocks Behind Pane of Glass

Clear vs. Starphire

When selecting what kind of glass you want in your home, there are a couple of options to choose from. Standard clear glass and Starphire glass can each accentuate certain tiles and stones in bathrooms differently depending on color themes and lighting.

Starphire or "low iron glass" is somewhat more expensive than standard glass. Since you can't really see a major difference except on the edges, there are some home applications that we recommend you spending the extra money on to benefit from its appeal. Low iron might be considered for frameless shower enclosures that are in a very light-colored bathroom to optimize the clarity or in a darker room to eliminate the feeling of being "closed in."

Although it seems like glass is just glass, there are differences, and there may be a type that's more appropriate for your home. You might want to opt for Starphire low iron over the standard Clear glass depending on the décor in your bathroom and whether or not you would like to see a greenish edge (standard glass) or a blueish edge (Starphire). In either case, rest assured that all of the glass we install is made just for you right here in the USA!

Clips vs. Channel Explanation

This conversation is very common when shopping for a new Frameless Shower Door. There are many ways to design and fabricate your enclosure, but the most important thing is how do YOU, the homeowner, want it to look when it's done. Both Clips and Channels are methods of securing your glass to your tile surface for support. They are a necessary part of the final product. When explaining the difference to homeowners, we try to cut through all the myths and opinions (there are many) and get to the bottom line, which looks do you like? Some folks will choose the cleaner lines of the channel method, and others will choose the additional visible "squares" that are evident when using clips.

Below are some examples of installed enclosures. Some show clips, others show the use of the channel. Each will function the exact same way and leave you with a perfectly operating shower door, but each will offer a different look. Our staff is trained to work with both forms of stability equally, so rest assured, in the end, you'll have the most secure enclosure available. It's up to YOU to decide.

Channel & Clips Enclosures

DFI The Difference is Clear

Diamon Fusion

DFI patented easy-to-clean shower door/shower enclosure / protective coatings improve and protect your glass surfaces with the features and benefits below:

  • Reduces cleaning by up to 90%
  • 20% more brilliance
  • Impact and scratch-resistant
  • Protection of the surface from stains, scratches, and other damage
  • A more hygienic home by reducing mold and bacteria
  • Revitalization to maintain "like new" performance, if desired, is easy and effective
  • 10X more water repellent
  • UV stable
  • 100% optically clear

The inventor of the Diamon-Fusion® process knew that the people who would immediately appreciate the ability to make glass harder to stain would-be owners of clear glass shower doors. And he was right. There is no more squeegee (unless you really can't let it go) and no more back-breaking work to keep your clear glass shower enclosure (or shower screens) beautiful for years.

Handles and Pulls

We offer a wide variety of shower door handles and pulls to match your décor. Click on each image below for a larger photo.