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Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience, we have collected the most frequently asked questions about our Company and our products.


When can I get an approximate cost for my shower door project/at what point should I call or contact Strictly Shower Doors?

It is never too early to contact us. Even if you are just thinking about a remodel of your bathroom, we can provide you with ideas and design tips along with 3D rendering so that you know what to anticipate in regards to both time and cost involved.


How long does it take to receive a standard shower door?

In most cases, we can order the same day. It takes 5-7 working days for installation of standard units.

How long does it take to receive a custom shower door?

In most cases, it takes 1-2 weeks to install most custom doors

How long does it take to get an at-home estimate?

In most cases, we will either be at your house the same or the next day. YES, an actual human being in your home, not on a website, will come into your bathroom and help make your dream come to life.

Are my at-home estimates free?

Yes, at-home estimates are ALWAYS free of charge.

What next? How do I get a price and order a shower door?

We do encourage you to use our EASY “Quick Quote” link give us a better idea of your shower area and needs. Once recieved, we are able to give you an accurate price over the phone or via email within hours. If pricing is acceptable, we arrange to come to your home to take a precise LASER BEAM CERTIFIED “Ordering Template”. Once your order is finalized, your salesperson will provide a time frame for the installation. Soon after, a dispatcher will contact you with an exact installation date and time.

Do I have to worry about any hidden costs?

No! The entire cost of your unit, including the installation is given to you in writing. There are no hidden charges or any additional fees once you sign the contract.

How do I get more information?

Feel free to call us or email anytime. We are always available to answer even the most trivial questions.


What is the policy on removing an existing shower door/enclosure?

There is a fee for the removal of an existing unit. Your in home Estimator will give you a price for a removal when they are on-site. The price for removal varies from unit to unit.

Is the silicone strong enough to hold a large frameless panel in place?

Silicone is strong enough to support large frameless panels in place; but we do recommend the use of a thin channel or clips, since they provide mechanical means of attachment and SAFETY is most important.

How are units scheduled for installation?

Once the enclosure has been fully fabricated, we will contact you to schedule an installation date that fits your calendar.

Will a new shower door/enclosure cover any holes left from other units?

In most cases, the holes left from other enclosures will be covered. If not, we will fill the holes to the best of our ability to match your existing tile work.

Can you install on glass tile/brick?

It is not recommended to install frameless units on glass tile or brick because the weight of the glass can crack the glass tile. Some of our framed units have been installed on glass tile. The key is being able to attach through the grout lines.

Can you install any of your units on tile that has a boarder, protruding out?

Yes, we can install on tiles with boarders, custom notches and odd angles.

Do you recommend installing frameless units on my own?

Because of the technicalities involved in the installation of a frameless unit, we recommend that we do the installation and cannot warrantee the product if we do not install it.

How far do you go to install your shower doors?

We serve Westchester, Fairfield, Putnam and Dutchess Counties in New York and Connecticut.

What is the warranty on your shower doors?

We offer a lifetime warranty on hardware and installation.

Do you replace worn parts for free?

Yes, if it is still under warranty. If not, there is a small service call fee.

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