Why Strictly for Custom Shower Designs in White Plains, NY?

What sets us apart:

Unique Custom Shower Designs in White Plains, NY

What sets Strictly Shower Doors apart from the other custom shower designs in White Plains, New York? We control and monitor every aspect of the enclosure process ourselves. The glass is fabricated from scratch, just for you, in a state-of-the-art tempering facility. We NEVER sub-contract the shower installation. ONE person is assigned to your order, from beginning to end, to ensure quality assurance. What does that mean to you? We rely on ourselves to get your shower enclosure just right. We are fully accountable for making sure that your shower is designed precisely, installed seamlessly and functions perfectly. No worries, no stress, and no fear - we've got you covered in this area.

Budgeting and Pricing:

Calculator, Money and Budget

All of the budgeting processes can be done from the comfort of your home, even if you similar aren’t ready for us. Simply by submitting a photo of your shower area, our skilled staff can visualize and give you pricing and provide you with 3D images and photos of enclosures that would best suit your shower area.  If you like what you see, a member of our highly trained staff will visit your home usually within one day.  We will visualize your bathroom and give hands-on advice on what would work best in YOUR scenario. An actual person, IN YOUR HOME, walking you through these steps using the skills involved in Laser tuning, templating and fabricating a Frameless Shower Door which is precise and methodical.  This step is an important one for the success of our glass door fabrication project. We use this to make sure that we've heard what you want and reflected it back to you properly.  At this point, you have the option of moving forward with the project if you so choose.

Buying Online Saves money, or does it? Ask YELP…

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There are hundreds of ONLINE custom shower design companies from all over the country that claims to be a “one-stop shopping source” for Frameless Shower Doors. These places will have you, the paying customer, do most of the legwork and ultimately sign off to take full responsibility if ANYTHING goes wrong.  Our shower glass shop recommends you enter a company name in Yelp.com before you do anything. You can learn from the unfortunate experiences of others.

The truth is, ONE STOP is missing two very integral parts of the job, THE LASER TEMPLATE, and the precise INSTALLATION. We do it all, from concept to completion, and stand behind our work and your purchase for LIFE, all while being only a few miles away if anything ever needs adjusting. ** NO FINE PRINT at Strictly **

We’ve had to dedicate one FULL-TIME crew solely to fixing errors that were made by good-hearted and very capable “Do it yourselfer’s” who bought online. To help you avoid falling for the hype when shopping for custom shower designs, we will price match any online quote that you can find that includes packaging & freight. The only addition to our price will be the cost of the installation from one of our seasoned pros. No tricks, no gimmicks, just the facts.  Simply attach a copy of your online quote. Our price will include your FREE laser templating, on-site design consultation, complete glass door fabrications, and full shower installation that is guaranteed for LIFE!!

Industry first LIFETIME Warranty

Your frameless shower enclosure is a high-performing, long-lasting product expertly constructed of the best materials available, MADE IN THE USA, and we're proud to back that up with a manufacturer’s warranty you can rely on. We offer a comprehensive, straightforward warranty on all Strictly Shower Doors installed enclosures. Your new Strictly Shower Doors shower enclosure is under a comprehensive warranty for as long as you own your home. We will provide all material necessary to fix/replace faulty glass or hardware in the event of a malfunction.

Terms & Conditions

  • Our warranty is offered only to the original purchaser; that is, the warranty may not be assigned or transferred to someone else, and it terminates upon sale of the home/building in which the product has been installed. We do require proof of ownership.
  • This warranty is limited by the cost of the purchased product and Strictly Shower Doors will not assume any responsibility beyond the cost of original merchandise.
  • Strictly Shower Doors is not liable for glass breakage, damage or failure due to misuse, or to acts of nature including fire, flood or earthquake.
  • The warranty does not cover damage caused through faulty design of your residence or business, careless handling, alteration, misuse, misapplication, or improper installation.
  • Use of harsh, abnormal or abrasive chemical cleaning products will void the warranty; please follow the guidelines provided for the proper maintenance of your product.
  • Discoloration or stains due to improper water chemistry, hard, and non-filtered well-water are not covered under the warranty.

Mission Statement

Our industry leading “48 hour” experience takes your shower door from a “thought” to a fulfilled order in record time. With our QUICK QUOTE process, we can have your enclosure priced immediately and then laser templated within one day.

Our products are MADE IN THE USA, actually right here in New York, under our close supervision. No “sketchy” cross country stuff where you risk getting glass that was made overseas. You will get to meet one of our seasoned pros, watch as your shower area is laser templated and designed while you are in the room, all so we can answer any possible question you may have. From hinge location, out-of-level walls, door width, overall height ideas, glass sampling, hardware matching then right down to glass thickness and choice, we are right here for you.

When we return to install you will see YOUR CUSTOM GLASS, labeled with your name and order date, showing every choice you made when we templated. ABSOLUTELY nothing is left to chance! Pair this experience with our price match guarantee and we make the entire process as smooth as possible. No hassles or miscommunications. No tech support or unanswered emails or calls. Just 5 Star results from a local professional!